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And He alone holds sway over His servants and sets guardians over you till death approaches any of you and Our deputed angels take his soul, neglecting no part of their task. 61 Then are they sent back to Allah, their Master, the True one; now surely His is the judgment and He is swiftest in taking account. 62 Say: 'Who saves you from the darkness of the land and sea, when you call out to Him humbly and in secret, (saying:) "If You save us from this, we will be among the thankful."?' 63 Say thou: Allah delivereth you therefrom and from every pain, yet ye thereafter associate. 64 Say thou: He is Able to stir up torment on you from above you or from beneath your feet or to confound you by factions and make you taste the violence of one another. Behold! How variously We propound the signs that haply they may understand. 65 Your people have denied it even though it is the Truth. Say: "I am not a guardian over You. 66 and that for every prophecy (about you which comes from God) there is an appointed time (to come true) and that they will soon experience it. 67 And when thou seest those who plunge in Our revelations keep away from them until they plunge in a discourse other than that; and if the Satan causeth thee to forget, then sit not thou, after the recollection, with the wrong-doing people. 68 Those who fear Allah, keep their duty to Him and avoid evil are not responsible for them (the disbelievers) in any case, but (their duty) is to remind them, that they may avoid that (mockery at the Quran). [The order of this Verse was cancelled (abrogated) by the Verse 4:140]. 69 (Muhammad), leave alone those to whom their religion is no more than a useless plaything and who are deceived by the lure of the worldly life. Remind them of Our revelation so that a soul will not bring about its own destruction because of its deeds. No one besides God will be its guardian or intercessor, nor will any kind of ransom be accepted from it. Those who have entangled themselves in their evil deeds will drink boiling water and live in painful torment for their hiding the Truth. 70