Hizb 3
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۞ The fools among the people will say, 'What has turned them from the direction they were facing in their prayers aforetime?' Say: "To God belong the East and the West; He guides whomsoever He will to a straight path.' 142 And in this wise We have made you a community justly balanced, that ye may be witnesses against the mankind and that the apostle may be in regard to you a witness. And We appointed not the Qiblah which thou hast had save in order that We might know him who followeth the apostle from him who turnoth back upon his heels. And of a surety the change is grievous save unto those whom Allah hath guided. And Allah is not one to let your faith go wasted; verily Allah is unto mankind Tender, Merciful. 143 We have seen thee turning thy face about in the heaven; now We will surely turn thee to a direction that shall satisfy thee. Turn thy face towards the Holy Mosque; and wherever you are, turn your faces towards it. Those who have been given the Book know it is the truth from their Lord; God is not heedless of the things they do. 144 Even though you may show every kind of sign to the people of the Book, they will not adopt your giblah, nor are you going to adopt their giblah; nor will any of them adopt the giblah of the other; therefore if, after the knowledge you have received, you follow their desires, you will certainly be counted among the transgressors. 145 They unto whom We have vouchsafed revelation aforetime know it as they know their own children: but, behold, some of them knowingly suppress the truth. 146 The truth is from your Lord, so be not among those who are sceptics. 147