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Yet Aaron had aforetime said to them, 'My people, you have been tempted by this thing, no more; surety your Lord is the All-merciful; therefore follow me, and obey my commandment!' 90 'We will not cease,' they said, 'to cleave to it, until Moses returns to us.') 91 He (Moses) said to Aaron: 'When you saw them in error, what prevented you, 92 from following my way? Have you disobeyed my command?" 93 He said, “O son of my mother, do not clutch my beard nor the hair on my head; I feared that you may say, ‘You have caused a division among the Descendants of Israel and did not wait for my advice.’” 94 Moses asked, "Samiri, what were your motives?" 95 'I beheld what they beheld not,' he said, 'and I seized a handful of dust from the messenger's track, and cast it into the thing. So my soul prompted me.' 96 Moses said: "Be gone, then. All your life you shall cry: 'Untouchable.' There awaits a term for your reckoning that you cannot fail to keep. Now look at your god that you devotedly adored: We shall burn it and scatter its remains in the sea. 97 Your god is only Allah, except for whom there is no deity. He has encompassed all things in knowledge." 98 Thus We recount unto thee some tidings of that which hath preceded; and surely We have vouchsafed unto thee from before Us an admonition. 99 He who turns away from it will surely bear a heavy burden on the Day of Resurrection, 100 They will remain in it forever what an evil burden it will be for them on the Day of Resurrection! 101 on the Day when the trumpet is blown: for on that Day We will assemble all such as had been lost in sin, their eyes dimmed [by terror,] 102 Whispering secretly among themselves, “You have not stayed on earth but for ten days.” 103 We know best what they will say, when their leader most eminent in conduct will say: "Ye tarried not longer than a day!" 104
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تفضل بزيارة، ومشاركة، والإعجاب بالقرآن الملون على الفيسبوك
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ملاحظات وتعليمات
Notes and Instructions
من آيات القرآن التي ذكرت فيها الألوان: ويوم القيامة ترى الذين كذبوا على الله وجوههم مسودة. أليس في جهنم مثوى للمتكبرين (الزمر ٦٠)
Of the verses of the Quran in which colors are mentioned: And on resurrection day, you see those who lied against God, their faces darkened. Is not in hell a lodgment for the boastful? (The Throngs, Al-Zumer 60)
تشير بداية ونهاية كل سورة الى السور المنزلة قبلها و بعدها. يمكنك الضغط على أي منها للذهاب إليها.
The beginning and end of every Surah mention the Surahs sent down before and after. You can click or tap on either one to go there.