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Is he to whom We have promised a goodly promise which he shall meet with like him whom We have provided with the provisions of this world's life, then on the day of resurrection he shall be of those who are brought up? 61 Upon the day when He shall call to them, and He shall say, 'Where now are My associates whom you were asserting?' 62 [whereupon] they against whom the word [of truth] shall thus stand revealed will exclaim: O our Sustainer! Those whom we caused to err so grievously, we but caused to err as we ourselves had been erring. We [now] disavow them before Thee: it was not us that they worshipped!" 63 And it will be said: Call your associate-gods. So they will call upon them, but they will not answer them, and they shall see the punishment; would that they had followed the right way! 64 (Let them not disregard) that the Day when Allah will call out to them saying: "What was the answer you gave to the Messengers?" 65 Then the pleas shall become obscure to them on that day, so they shall not ask each other. 66 But as to him who repents and believes and does good, maybe he will be among the successful: 67 And your Lord creates whatsoever He wills and chooses, no choice have they (in any matter). Glorified be Allah, and exalted above all that they associate as partners (with Him). 68 And thy Lord knows what their breasts conceal and what they publish. 69 And He is Allah; there is no deity except Him. To Him is [due all] praise in the first [life] and the Hereafter. And His is the [final] decision, and to Him you will be returned. 70 Say: "Just think, if God were to cover you up with night for ever until the Day of Doom, what other god apart from God will give you light? Why do you not pay heed?" 71 Say: 'What think you? If God should make the day unceasing over you, until the Day of Resurrection, what god other than God shall bring you night to repose in? Will you not see? 72 It is of His mercy He hath appointed for you night and day, that therein ye may have repose, and that ye may seek of His grace, and that haply ye may give thanks. 73 On the day when He will call to them He will therefore proclaim, “Where are those partners of Mine, whom you had assumed?” 74 And We will draw forth from among every nation a witness and say: Bring your proof; then shall they know that the truth is Allah's, and that which they forged shall depart from them. 75