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So will one whose misdeeds are made seeming good to him so he deems them good be ever equal to the one who is upon guidance? Therefore indeed Allah sends astray whomever He wills, and guides whomever He wills; so may not your life be lost in despairing after them; Allah knows their deeds very well. 8 It is God who sends forth the winds so that they raise up the clouds. We drive them to a dead land, and by them bring the earth to life after its death. Such is the Resurrection. 9 If anyone seeks glory, let him know that glory belongs to God alone. Good words ascend to Him and righteous deeds are exalted by Him. Those who plot evil deeds shall be sternly punished and their plotting will come to nothing. 10 It is God who created you from dust, then from a sperm, then formed you into pairs. Neither does a female conceive nor gives birth without His knowledge; nor do the old grow older or become younger in years but in accordance with the law (of nature). Indeed the law of God works inevitably. 11 The two seas are not alike. The one is sweet, thirst-quenching, and pleasant to drink from, while the other is salty and bitter. Yet from each you eat fresh fish and extract ornaments to wear, and in each you see the ships ploughing through the waves so that you may seek His bounty and so that you may feel thankful. 12 He makes the night to enter into the day and makes the day to enter into the night, and He has subjected the sun and the moon, each of them running to a stated term. That is God, your Lord; to Him belongs the Kingdom; and those you call upon, apart from Him, possess not so much as the skin of a date-stone. 13 If you invoke them, they do not hear your call; and even if they could hear, they would not [be able to] respond to you. And [withal,] on the Day of Resurrection they will utterly disown your having associated them with God. And none can make thee understand [the truth] like the One who is all-aware. 14