1/2 Hizb 47
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Forgiver (Ghaafer)
85 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Throngs (Al-Zumer) before Elucidated (Fussilat)
Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
۞ Ha Mim 1 The sending down of the Book is from Allah, the Almighty, the Knower. 2 The Forgiver of sin, the Accepter of repentance, the Stern in punishment, the Bountiful. There is no Allah save Him. Unto Him is the journeying. 3 No one disputes concerning the signs of Allah except those who disbelieve, so be not deceived by their [uninhibited] movement throughout the land. 4 The people of Nuh (Noah) and the confederates after them denied (their Messengers) before these, and every (disbelieving) nation plotted against their Messenger to seize him, and disputed by means of falsehood to refute therewith the truth. So I seized them (with punishment), and how (terrible) was My punishment! 5 Even so the Word of thy Lord was realised against the unbelievers, that they are the inhabitants of the Fire. 6 Those who bear the Throne, and those who are around it, glorify their Lord with His praise, and believe in Him. They ask forgiveness for those who believe, saying, "Our Lord, You embrace all things in mercy and knowledge. Forgive those who turn to You and follow Your path. Save them from the punishment of Hell 7 Admit them, O Lord, to the garden of Eden which You promised them, and those of their fathers, spouses and progeny who are upright. You are truly all-mighty and all-wise. 8 “And save them from the evil consequences of sins; and whomever You save from the evil consequences of sins on that Day so You have indeed had mercy upon him; and this only is the greatest success.” 9