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Dawn (Al-Fajr)
30 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Night (Al-Layl) before The Forenoon (Al-Duhaa)
In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful
By the dawn, 1 and the ten nights, 2 And by the even and the odd, 3 And [by] the night when it passes, 4 Indeed in that there is an oath for a man of sense. 5 Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with Ad, 6 With many-columned Iram, 7 the like of which has never been created in the land, 8 And Thamood, who hewed out the rocks of the valley? 9 And with Pharaoh of the tent pegs 10 (All) these transgressed beyond bounds in the lands, 11 And multiplied corruption. 12 So your Lord poured on them different kinds of severe torment. 13 Your Lord is certainly in wait. 14 As for man, whenever his Lord tries him and then is gracious and provides good things for him, he says: "My Lord has been gracious to me." 15 But when He tries him (differently), then straitens to him his means of subsistence, he says: My Lord has disgraced me. 16 (Since wealth does not necessarily guarantee everlasting happiness) then why do you not show kindness to the orphans, 17 and you do not urge one another to feed the needy, 18 And you eat away the heritage, devouring (everything) indiscriminately, 19 And you love wealth with immense love. 20 By no means! when the earth shall be ground with grinding, grinding, 21 and your Lord comes with the angels, rank upon rank, 22 and when Hell is brought near that Day. On that Day will man understand, but of what avail will that understanding be? 23 He will say: would that I had sent before for this life of mine! 24 But on that Day none will punish as He (Allah) will punish, 25 none shall bind as He binds. 26 O you tranquil soul, 27 "Come back thou to thy Lord,- well pleased (thyself), and well-pleasing unto Him! 28 Enter among My servants 29 And enter My Paradise." 30
True are the words of God the Almighty.
End of Surah: Dawn (Al-Fajr). Sent down in Mecca after The Night (Al-Layl) before The Forenoon (Al-Duhaa)
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