3/4 Hizb 27
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Surely many people before them had plotted in a similar manner to (vanquish the Truth), but Allah uprooted the whole structure of their plot from its foundations so that the roof fell in upon them, and the chastisement (of Allah) visited them from unknown directions. 26 And then, on Resurrection Day, He will cover them [all] with ignominy, and will say: "Where, now, are those beings to whom you ascribed a share in My divinity, [and] for whose sake you cut yourselves off [from My guidance]?" [Whereupon] those who [in their lifetime] were endowed with knowledge will say: "Verily, ignominy and misery [have fallen] this day upon those who have been denying the truth 27 Those whose lives the angels take while they are wronging their own souls will offer submission saying, "We were not doing anything evil!" "Indeed!" the angels will reply, "God is aware of what you have been doing, 28 They will be commanded to enter hell to live therein forever. How terrible will be the place of the proud ones! 29 ۞ The pious ones will be asked, "What did your Lord reveal to you?" They will reply, "He revealed only good." The share of the righteous ones is virtue in this world and greater virtue in the life to come. How blessed will be the dwelling of the pious ones! 30 Gardens of Eternity which they will enter: beneath them flow (pleasant) rivers: they will have therein all that they wish: thus doth Allah reward the righteous,- 31 When the angels receive the souls of those who are blameless they will say: "Peace on you. Enter Paradise as recompense for what you did." 32 Are they (the disbelievers) waiting for the angels and the decree of your Lord to be fulfilled before they believe? The people who lived before them had also done the same thing. God did not do injustice to them, but they wronged themselves. 33 So the evil (consequences) of what they did shall afflict them and that which they mocked shall encompass them. 34